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Even today a direct mail campaign is a very easy and inexpensive form of advertising that…9 Comments Read More Number One-Hundred and Eighteen of the Kodachrome Image Series begins this week with a photo of the Spring Creek Resort Chevrolet El Camino and a happy fisherman with his catch.We are a completely safe, secure and confidential online dating agency. it won best Mk I Sprite in the Concours awards and then went on to be overall concours champion of the show beating several Austin Healey Club Concours cars.As a part of coverage of the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance today two videos are being featured.Please note the car is currently fitted with the 6885cc egine etc but the photos show this car with the 998cc engine etc fitted which do come come with the car should you wish to put it back to factory specification.Having owned this car myself I can vouch for its quality.

CPR Algoma District Schreiber Subdivision Added to yard engine gallery photo of 7063 in faded Script paint scheme.

It's an image from the Library of Congress, whose cataloging record dates it to between 19. It’s an image from the Library of Congress, whose cataloging record dates it to between 19. Tree Trimmings The glass tree topper in this picture looks a lot like the one my mother always put on our tree. There is a good chance your ancestors bought their tree trimmings at Woolworth’s.

Tinsel has a long history that dates back to Germany in 1610.

The car-truck is looking somewhat worse for the wear and appears to be several years old.

The car is now owned by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and some more information on this very car can be seen at the website maintained by the roster keeper for the earliest known Packard cars.

1961 Ford Zephyr six station wagon at Nchanga mine, Northern Rhodesia, acquired for £300.

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