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An amazing 55 percent of all communication is nonverbal, according to the famous research conducted by Albert Mehrabian.

And cuing into these nonverbals can be a helpful way to decode what your date is really thinking. John Gottman’s famous “Love Lab,” the researcher was able to identify in just a few minutes whether or not a couple was headed for relationship trouble solely based on the way they interacted with one another, including body language.

Navarro adds that the body shows definite signs when the person is genuinely comfortable -- the eyebrows arch, the facial muscles relax, and a person extends his arms in welcome.

Nervous behavior is normal on a first-date but if it continues, this may be a sign he is hiding something according to Navarro via "Elle magazine." If he keeps his hands under the table instead of on the table, he may have a secret.

In fact, there were probably many times when you went out, spoke cleverly to someone, only to see them...

Read more Have you ever wondered what he really thinks of you when you are on that first date? We will teach you to Master the Secrets of Non-Verbal Communication!

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Non-verbal communication isn’t just about making sure we’re not inadvertently telling people to go away or trying to read people’s minds. Most people are utterly unaware of the messages that they’re sending out or the impact that they have on others; it’s like having a conversation with a Markov chat bot tied to the horse_ebooks Twitter account.

Despite what many of us think, our brains are at understanding why we feel the way we do.

More often than not, our brains are just feeling the sensations given to us by our bodies and rationalize the reasons for feeling that way after the fact.

Nicholson adds that his legs and arms might be uncrossed or that his palms may be palm-upwards.

Smiling is another sure-fire sign that he is comfortable.

Had you been keenly observing her body language, you may have noticed that her eyes were wandering to find someone else and hook up with them.

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