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When his family moved to Albemarle County, Virginia (near Charlottesville) in about 1840, John attended school in Fry's Woods before transferring to a Charlottesville school at the age of ten years.

He was far above average in Latin, Greek, and literature (all of which he enjoyed), but mathematics was still a problem for him.

The 75th Ranger Regiment typically deploys on 105-day deployments, shorter than the average year-long Army or marine deployment, but they are acknowledged as unusually intense tours with one operation every single night.

Conventional troops may have completed four or five deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan but Special Operations troops such as Domeij are more likely to have have served 10-12.

veteran of a decade of deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan and hundreds of combat missions. Army to defend the position of female soldiers on the front line in Afghanistan - where more than 1,700 members of the military have lost their lives. commanders who realised two years ago that as they tried to apply the principles of counterinsurgency - protect civilians and enlist them to reject insurgents and provide intelligence - they weren't reaching the majority of the Afghan population. Last November, the first group of women went through a grueling five-day assessment that tested their physical and military skills, their problem-solving and writing abilities and their psychological and mental fitness.

He was also remembered by 75th Ranger Regiment's Lt. David Hodne as 'one of those men who was known by all as much for his humour, enthusiasm, and loyal friendship, as he was for his unparallelled skill and bravery under fire. The lieutenant was the first casualty of the decision to bring in women to do things that would be awkward or impossible for her male colleagues, such as frisking burka-clad women or simply gaining their trust.'We could do things that the males cannot do, and they are starting to realise that,' says Sgt. Now, the first female soldiers are serving in commando units. Those that passed moved on to a six-week training programme.'He had been constantly abused by the Taliban, had been kidnapped and returned and he didn't want to work with coalition forces anymore because of the fear the Taliban was going to retaliate,' said Bryant, in an interview.

Two singles, from the album Flags of Our Fathers: A Soldier's Story charted on the Billboard country music charts. visit to Afghanistan (season 2 episodes 11 and 12).

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