Dating and marriage customs in greece

If all went well and everyone was satisfied and happy, the engagement rings were exchanged and a wedding date was set.

Greek men did not discuss with others their wives or other female relatives.When the groom proposes, he is expected to ask the father for the daughter’s hand in marriage before the bride.A betrothal service is held when the engagement becomes official and the rings are blessed by the priest, they are later blessed once more during the marriage ceremony because they are usually the same rings.Engagement is a commonly used word to describe someone’s first declaration of intending to get married to his significant other, but for the people of the Mediterranean and especially for Greece, the overall engagement procedure is almost as important as the ensuing wedding itself.The premarital ceremony is pledged with religious aspects of the Greek Orthodox faith, which makes it all more official in terms of setting a wedding date and bringing the couple and their families closer.Marriages in ancient Greece were arranged by the parents of the intended bride and groom.

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