Dating an raf pilot


In addition some terms have come into common parlance such as " I pranged the car last night".Other slang was used by British and Empire air forces.He later took part bombing raids on Germany and, after VE Day in May 1945, built airfields on Okinawa.In November that year he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for courage and dedication to duty.An only child, he grew up in Darlington before the family moved south to Hatfield, Hertfordshire and he started at Welwyn Garden City Grammar School in 1951.

She said: “This cruel and unexpected departure has ripped a hole in my heart and existence.

"Paul was not alone and our thoughts are equally with the other family who have also lost a loved one, who shared Paul’s sheer joy of being in the air.” Wiltshire Police confirmed that a second man died in the crash and confirmed that the investigation into the incident was continuing. It is believed Mr Davis was also a pilot and had over 18 years of flying experience.

Emergency services were believed to be at the scene within 10 minutes of the crash taking place on Thursday evening.

There were a number of codes used within the RAF, not now under the official secrets act, some of which are included. In addition Allied air forces may have their own nicknames for British or British built aircraft, as did the enemy.

It is followed by a list of nicknames of aircraft used by, or familiar to, the RAF. For example, the Luftwaffe called the Sunderland flying boat Der fliegende Stachelschwein ("The Flying Porcupine").

A book about his wartime experiences, Coming Down in the Drink, was written by author Sean Feast and published just two months ago - just ahead of his death.

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