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There are at least 75 medications approved to treat HIV.

They work to prevent HIV from reproducing and destroying CD9 cells, which help your immune system fight infection. But just because you have HIV doesn’t mean you’ll develop AIDS.

Therefore, make sure to do your homework and find out all you possibly can about this vicious virus.It was during the olden days that HIV is a deadly disease but right now in the world we are, HIV is no-longer a deadly disease in as much as the victim of HIV takes anti-retroviral drugs regularly.Meanwhile, the drugs are needed to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life./ If You See These 13 Symptoms- Do A HIV Test Immediately (1) (2) (3) (4) Its not advisable to marry a person with HIV or AIDS except it was passed to them from you if not I think its stupidity to involve ones self in such a relationship. [color=#006600][/color]i think u can marry/date some1 with it, if de both of u are of de same statue.u dnt go ending ur life becos of love, wat if a miracle happens and de only is ok wat would be of u.This another question you may be asking yourself or someone who you holds as your mentor but, the answer will rest on your own decision.

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