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If a lack of social skills, zero sensitivity and puzzling behaviour sums up your spouse, he could have Asperger’s syndrome, says Charlotte Pearson Methven.

But if you focus on the positive aspects, it could make him the ideal husband Is your other half more likely to remember the score of the FA Cup final 12 years ago than he is to buy a present for your child’s birthday?

When someone who is on the Autism Spectrum is interested in something they will apply an obsessive level of focus toward that interest and if you are the focus of that obsession the level of attention you receive will be incomparable.

Unfortunately it won’t last forever, because as your relationship settles something else might end up occupying your partners focus and the level of attention you receive dwindles.

For those not familiar with AS, it is a mild autistic spectrum disorder, where those afflicted can lead ‘normal’ lives, but behave in a way that is rigid and lacking in sensitivity, living up to male stereotyping – in spades.

It’s no surprise then that men account for 90 per cent of AS diagnoses.

Sure, you’re a little socially awkward, but you know what, that’s adorable.” I let it go.

A common trait amongst people on the Autism Spectrum revolves around isolating themselves this is because their senses will be overwhelmed from the outside world such as noises, smells and bright lights.

The language of the body, that which makes up an estimated 60% of communication, was almost closed to me.

So instead I fell back on words — the safety of which I could understand, as their clarity left nothing to puzzle over or decipher.

Does he pick the exact moment when you’re trying to unpack the food shopping, feed the children and let the dog out, all at once, to ask why his navy argyle socks are not in the drawer?

If his behaviour seems inexplicable – and, frankly, infuriating – then you’ll be relieved to hear that there may be a good explanation for it: Asperger’s syndrome (AS).

In this post I am going to discuss dating and being in a relationship with someone autistic when the other partner is not autistic and what will mean with regards to the dynamic of a relationship and what to expect when out on a date.

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