Dating affiliate network

CPAlead provides banner ads, pop under ads, interstitial tools, content lockers, PPC offers, CPA offers and more to affiliate marketers.

CPAlead is known for paying guaranteed EPCs of 20 cents or greater in USA.

And if you use our “Co-Brand” program, in return for promoting our site, we will provide free website building tools to help you create your own website, and provide free hosting.

Plus you can earn money by bringing new affiliates to us with the “Two-Tier Program”.

We work with publishers from all over the world and we offer the highest e CPM rates available.

Online dating proves to be one of the best business models online.

When a webmaster uses your link to sign up to advertise Qpid Affiliate sites, we will pay you a percentage of that webmaster’s earnings.

In the first month I was able to make over 5k, and this just the beginning.

As a Silicon Valley firm, we have been in the online dating business for over 16 years!

Our affiliate programs pay one of the highest commissions available in the industry.

Through the latest innovations in online dating technology, we provide the B. It’s simple, you join as an affiliate and assist in the promotion of our website(s), and in return we will pay you extremely high commissions with our commission programs, “Pay Per Sale” and “Pay Per Lead”.

all-inclusive dating and marriage solutions for gentlemen around the world hoping to find their true love in China, Southeast Asia, Russia and Ukraine.

We are cool and high perspective international AN working on a CPA standard.

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