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But if you are open and agreeable, it shouldn't be a problem.

Yes, we as firefighters do have huge egos, but don't let that deter you from dating one.

i cant even count all the times when he was 'blown me off' b/c he had a call. It does take two to make things work so he also needs to want to make it work too, I was that way when I was 17-20 or so always at the station, but as I "grew up" I realized there are other things that are more important then the FD.

My View is that although the FD is like family, the FD will always be there in some fashion but she "g/f" might not.

They are going to leave and you do not have to like it because it wasn't up to you anyway. Yes other people miss them, but not my firefighter. No matter where you are or what you're doing the minute they hear a firetrucks horn, they're looking for it and hoping they're not missing anything good. Structures, fully involved (the good stuff) smoke alarms, cat in a tree (ehh I mean they are fireman soooo still good stuff). They know the exact difference between an ambulance, cop, and, of course, a fire truck siren. You fold the chairs and he stacks them:) And I'm talking at like 12 a.m.,1 a.m. When you come around the firehouse, there will be jokes made and they'll mess with him about you or even you about him.

Honestly it's a giant bromance going on and they prey on this kinda stuff. At first, you won't really have a name to the fire guys.

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We talk about that a lot because it is a big part of our lives.

You can't be mad because he's doing what he loves and also because a man in a uniform isn't too shabby?

Even if the calls are short, they could stay at least another hour washing the trucks and being boys, of course. In case you didn't understand the severity of the first one, if you are on the phone and you hear the pager go off in the background, just tell him you love him and hang up. "Got a call, Love you, bye." Mid-sentence is always what you want to hear. Playing with the lighter fluid or burning things on the stove* "No it's alright, I'm a firefighter." 17. From NYFD memorial shirts, a station from where you're vacationing, even acquired old shirts of his, you will have started your own pile of station shirts. You can't get angry or upset when he is unavailable because he's going to go to the firehouse for the fifth time that week, or if there's another fire prevention thing to do.

A big part of what most girls do not like about dating firefighters is when we get a call.

Fire calls come in any time of the day or night, regardless of what you may be doing.

Someone found our blog by Googling, “Should I marry a firefighter? When Fire Dad and I said our vows, we had already been through the long and involved process of testing and interviewing to be hired by the fire department.

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