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Despite that fact, “many of the well-known women of the time were slave girls who had been trained from childhood in music, dancing and poetry.

ISIS has been through numerous mutations both in structure and name, and it was nearly destroyed by the U. In ISIS’ telling, it My job at the time was to assess health-care facilities for Syrian refugees.Despite the recognition of women’s aptitudes during the Abbasid dynasty, all these were reversed in 1258 when Baghdad was attacked by the Mongols.After that, the city of Baghdad was “given over to an orgy of massacre, plunder and devastation […]”. They enforced the segregation of the sexes, the education of girls was limited and any importance attached to women was generally attributable to the positions held by their husbands”.Polygamy for Muslim men in Iraq is legal under a 1959 law, as long as a judge’s permission is given, a husband is found to be “financially capable,” and there are “legitimate reasons” for taking another spouse, such as a first wife who is unable to bear children.The law has long been criticised by Iraqi womens’ rights groups as “backwards” and outdated, but the high number of widows in Iraq caused by two recent wars has led to a surge in the practice in recent years.I was still there when the Islamic State group, commonly known as ISIS, struck Iraq. pullout of Iraq and the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011, ISIS has found a fertile environment for expansion and has set up a proto-state in areas of eastern and northern Syria and western and central Iraq.

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