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Today, our Dallas matchmakers will reveal the telltale warning signs he’s going to ghost you. There are many men who only put in efforts to sleep with women and disappear after they get what they want. On the opposite end of the spectrum, calling your phone all day long might have nothing to do with him being head over heels for you.If it feels like he’s doing the bare minimum to court you, then that’s your cue of what’s to come. Men know that a woman is more likely to sleep with them if they make her feel wanted.Even though he joined the cast of the ABC dating show (which he compares to a “frat party with one girl”), he says he doesn’t have much time for TV. He’s close with his mom, who pops over on special occasions to bring him dumplings (or other foods he can reheat), and he’s dad to two sweet pups, a husky named “Ashton” and a Lab named “Bentley.” Andy says a good date doesn’t need any specific ingredients, only a good conversation.In a partner, he’s looking for someone who’s dedicated and driven and values independence but enjoys being able to rely on him. Super gracious and silly—you would never know he’s a doctor.

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There are many jerks in the Dallas dating scene who know this trick all-too-well.

If you’re still in the very early stages of the getting-to-know each other phase and he’s telling you he’s head over heels for you, don’t buy it. The rebound is a huge epidemic in the Dallas dating scene, and it’s not smart to think that you’re immune to it.

Of course there’s always the exception, but typically men don’t fall in love that quickly. Time is the most revealing sign to whether or not he’s ready to be in a relationship. You met for a few drinks or hung out at his friend’s get together, but that’s about it.

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