Daily prayer for dating couples

Why would I do that with them but not with the one that I’m discerning to spend the rest of my life with?A: As I look back on my time high school and college, I’ve noticed that most of the friends that I still have from those days are friends that I prayed with.I firmly believe that it’s because we set the foundation of our friendship on Christ.Praying together is an unbelievable way to strengthen a friendship and lead each other closer to Christ. My best friend and I have known each other for over 15 years.

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MAY 13, 2010 ( - There was a boy who I thought was the “one.” We met in college – not at some rowdy co-ed party - but at the Catholic Center on campus. I’d so badly wanted to find the “perfect Catholic guy” that I was blinded by bliss and never saw “IT” coming. I honestly can’t remember how the courtship started. I’ve long since healed and pieced together the shards of that broken heart of mine.Q: I’ve read that it’s emotionally unchaste to pray with your significant other if you’re not married because prayer is an intensely intimate experience between you and God.I’ve prayed the liturgy of the hours, chaplets of divine mercy, and rosaries with close friends daily, and we’ve discovered just how crucial that prayer has been to strengthening our friendship.It’s kind of like a dream that starts out all happy and sepia-toned and then quickly takes a turn for the worse and ends up as a jagged jumble in my mind. He was a musician, and he wooed me with his guitar. In the rebuilding phase, I confronted my mistakes – my loving someone who had probably never loved me and my belief that I could make him love me by giving everything I had to him. I sought solace in my mom and a handful of close friends.I forgave him and more importantly, I forgave myself.This is a blog for Catholic couples, those who have not yet jumped into the Sacrament of Matrimony.

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