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In 1996, two young, ambitious women worked at the Clinton White House.One was assigned to the West Wing—the presidential wing—and became known for her stained blue Gap dress, a sordid manifestation of Bill Clinton’s baser appetites.It is also highly feminist in content, with numerous strong female characters and very little reliance on traditional characterization or storylines.The cast is also very active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and participate in live-tweets, Instagram pictures, and podcasts about the series.At the close of the episode, Papa Pope smiles and says “that’s my girl,” as he’s watching the former First Lady’s convention unfold, knowing that his “son” and daughter could be taking over the Oval Office.On the Democratic side of things, Frankie’s VP is going to be none other than Cyrus (Jeff Perry).

You can’t really cross Command so how the hell is Olivia going to save Jake without ending up dead herself? The fact that she came up with this idea of saving Jake right in front of his face, I thought was really smart.

Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) ended up being selected to run with Mellie, though he doesn’t seem privy to the idea — but he’s going along with it because Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) came up with the idea in order to save him.

However, it seems that Rowan (Joe Morton) has a master plan to get Jake, Olivia and himself into the White House by way of Mellie’s ticket.

The “Scandal” finale set up the presidential election for Season 6 in ways Gladiators could have never expected.

After Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) nabbed the presidential nominations last week, their vice presidential running mates were revealed in Thursday night’s season ender.

Olivia Carolyn Pope (Kerry Washington) is a reputation-fixer who works for rich people needing to be saved from the latest scandal/accident/kidnapping that has befallen upon them.

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