Cyberdating insurance


The OBC Bikini Contest Calendar will go on sale on the On Line Booty site beginning in September, 2005.

Other prizes for the winning calendar girls include: * All expense-paid trip to San Diego * Accommodations at exclusive VIP waterfront hide-away * Pampering makeover session at elite day spa * Stacks of hundred dollar bills for personal use * VIP/red carpet treatment at OBC Calendar Press Release Club event with Celebrity Guest * 25 copies of printed OBC Calendars valued at each In addition, any Member who refers a winning calendar girl will receive a stack of hundred dollar bills, and an invitation to OBC Calendar Press Release Club event.

There needs to be a high level of safety and comfort with someone that you have been corresponding with on the web before giving out your number.

If the relationship does not work out and the person turns out to be unstable, he can harass you over the phone, causing a host of problems.

And while the survey may give us a sense of what percentage of people are accessing from work, it doesn't provide information about how much time they're spending there from work.

And that's only one of the hundreds of popular cyberdating sites. With millions of registered members, Friendster allows its users to link up to other users and related groups.

If this person has your work phone number, then he could put your job in jeopardy with repeated calls.

If the web date that you gave your number to gets mad at you for discontinuing contact, she could possibly charge ring tones and other phone services to your cell phone bill.

The study showed that more educated people tend to care less about matching the same level of education as they get older.

It is very difficult to get a cell phone carrier to back out charges from a third party because the carrier has usually already incurred these charges.

Some online data bases that cross reference phone numbers and home addresses.

According to a recent survey it conducted of about 6,000 users, 13.5% admitted to using from work.

If the same percentage proved accurate for all 9 million active users, more than 1 million people are using from work.

You can imagine how many are lonely and looking for love in all the Web-places--and how many are doing that from the workplace.

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