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As far as number 3 is concerned, it's enlightening to know that a man is interested in dating a Founder/Entrepreneur, which proves that they're interested in both beauty and brains.

Other top professions on both sides include being a Teacher, College Student, Model, and Personal Trainer.

Women who are in these professions also made the list: PR/Communications, Speech Language Pathologist, Pharmacist, Social Media Manager, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Flight Attendant, and Real Estate Agent. Follow @Julie Spira on Twitter and sign up for the free Weekly Flirt newsletter.

Men who are in these professions also made the list: TV/Radio Personality, Engineer, Paramedic, Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Police Office, and Military. Julie Spira is America's Top Online and Mobile Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker.

A Founder/Entrepreneur might be creative with a big bank balance, or at least have some stock options, so he's got long-term potential, according to the female swipes.

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Have a cheat sheet of topics you’d like to talk about on a date, and always keep it light and positive.

Never talk about your ex, work or financial problems.

“This is just one area that I choose to devote my time to, but I do this for the children, as they are the ultimate losers in these cases.

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