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It was at my alma mater’s bookstore where I found as an example. There’s a growing list of #lesbian #blogs, #bisexual blogs, #transgender blogs and #queer blogs in our blogosphere, and below is a snapshot of what’s out there.If there’s a great blog, or your blog, that’s not on our list, leave a link to the blog in a comment, as well as a description of the blog.The current editor is Jane Czyzselska, who has held the position since 2004.

I was 19-years-old when I left California to go to Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Virginia. It’s 2013 – we’ve made a lot of progress for LGBT rights, and we have a growing pool of queer content to consume, but a lot of us are still in the dark about what queer media is out there and how to access it.

Unofficial Sex Intern Julia reviews Curve Magazine’s Sex Issue with Jill & Cathy all up on the front.

Also, Julia Voth on same-sexing in Bitch Slap, No Pants Dance, Vagina, 50 Sexiest Things from 2009, Broken, KY Jelly Intense works!

In November 2008, DIVA was published under the name "The Souvenir Issue" for the purpose of celebrating the 150th issue by including the cover pages of every issue that had been published since April 1994.

DIVA has a dating website which was launched in 2013 in partnership with Rocketware Ltd.

Metrosource covers topics relating to: popular culture, entertainment , design, travel, health, fitness and the stories of gay and gay friendly individuals.

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