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Plus, there is the colt-like beauty of a nascent supermodel.

The Cedar Cove gene pool is a particularly blessed one.

Messages they left themselves the night before reveal that their lives are in danger.

dynamic in “Psycho,” as well as the presence of a boo-in-the-shower scene and a decidedly malevolent mother figure, one might be tempted to read “Apartment 1303” as an extremely low-rent, indifferently acted homage to Hitchcock’s classic. of a Montecristo Pictures production in association with Mania Prods. Bejoy Arputharaj; visual effects, Phantom-fx; stunt coordinators, Jean Frenette, Jason Cavalier; 3D stereographers, Pink Kwan, Karlo Lo; line producer, Danny Rossner; associate producer, Paola Lorenzi; assistant director, Blair Roth; second unit director, Scott Rosenfelt; casting, Bruno Rosato.As further evidenced by yet more new characters, the proprietors of the local B&B, Thyme and Tide—we don’t catch her name, but he is Bob (Bruce Boxleitner), and he is outraged to learn from our exiled big city newspaperman, Jack (Dylan Neal), that Olivia’s daughter’s philandering, money-grubbing fiancé Warren (Brennan Elliot)—no, clearly no one likes Warren—plans to tear down the town’s beloved old lighthouse in order to develop the land.“So, this is a big story,” Jack is clearly astounded to learn, after Bob is all, “He’s not gonna get away with it” and talks of the historic significance of the structure. He was gonna put this potential hotbed of controversy in the depths of the Cedar Cove Chronicle, next to a story about the town’s new Apple Store (which, adorably, sells actual apples).based on the sweet small-town romance series by Debbie Macomber and starring Andie Mac Dowell, debuted last week.Check out Rachel's recap of the 2-hours series premiere here.Indeed, Olivia comforts the hell out of Grace all over town this episode—oh, and hey there, another important new character!

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