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To create a collection or record variable, you first define a collection or record type, and then you declare a variable of that type. A collection that is created in a PL/SQL block (with the syntax in Collection) is available only in that block.A nested table type or varray type that is created at schema level (with the CREATE TYPE Statement) is stored in the database, and you can manipulate it with SQL statements.For a data company, we pride ourselves on being refreshingly human—responsive, transparent and happy to assist with your questions and needs.Van Duong Financial Solutions Account Manager CRS Data 8 Years Email Us CRS Data currently provides property data from more than 720 counties in the following states and major metropolitan areas.

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For examples, see Using Multidimensional Collections. Topics: An associative array (also called an index-by table) is a set of key-value pairs.Each key is unique, and is used to locate the corresponding value. Using a key-value pair for the first time adds that pair to the associative array.Using the same key with a different value changes the value.When a child or young person becomes looked after, an up to date core assessment is required and is used to inform his or her first Care Plan.A core assessment continues the process of collecting the information necessary to monitor the progress of children and young people who are looked after.The OGC net CDF encoding supports electronic encoding of geospatial data, that is, digital geospatial information representing space and time-varying phenomena.

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