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It’s the time of year when you dream about the perfect holiday family portrait. Thanks to the birth of Pinterest, it’s now easy to point people to a specific board and blog posts on what to wear for family portraits.

You need to think about the final image and the coordinating of your family’s outfits.

If the person is uncomfortable, it will show up in the photo. When a family neglects their choice of shoes, it throws the whole picture off. For example, a cool plaid shirt on a guy or a pattern t-shirt under a jacket or sweater for a girl.

(again, it's a little too 90's) 3-have the boys wear a stuffy suit and tie and the girls wear fluffy frilly uncomfortable dresses. For a guy, wear a long sleeve shirt under a button up with the sleeves rolled up. Another way to gain more visual appeal is to throw in some patterns that coordinate with your color splashes.

Eliza shared her fashion tips for dressing her young family. As I dressed her for the day, a color would come up and I would unintentionally dress in the same color. I wanted a fun way to create a mother/daughter bond. I am not forcing bonds, but I am showing them how easy it is to bond.Mother/daughter Fashion Coordination“The funny thing is, I thought I was going to have all boys! I knew there would be so many pictures of her, especially as a stay-at-home-mom.” Fajen shares a lot of pictures of the family’s daily activities on social media for her long-distance friends in Boston and family in Ohio. Before kids, it was very important to have close family ties.“I love to see the pictures of the girls wearing the same baby dress. Just dressing alike, can tighten our bond together. My husband, Jonathan, has three sisters, so he is used to a houseful of girls.The Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella for a wide range of projects throughout Shasta County that provide community outreach, youth development, family support and child abuse prevention education and awareness activities.Child Abuse is a serious problem that can have lasting harmful effects on its victims. Start with a plain shirt then add a sweater or jacket.

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