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Your site will never be the same again and you will get amazing conversions with our text and video chat boxes that you can add to your site or popup.Especially our Video Chat Plug-in is one of its kind and a huge eye catcher for your surfers.As long as you’re trending towards better than worse, you’re doing great… We found that on average, Google Ad Words advertisers are seeing conversion rates of 2.70% on the Search network, and 0.89% on the Display network. Except you’re still doing 0.7% crappier than the average, and the average isn’t exceptional. Not only can you be better than average, but once you surpass that plateau, you can do in Ad Words.

So which super sexy industry does best with Display ads? That’s higher than any of the twenty other industries we evaluated.

No doubt, it’s easy to write powerful emotional ad copy when your prospects are searching for love.

Other industries with high search CTRs include Finance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%), Consumer Services (2.40%), and Technology (2.38%).

Other industries that often have poor CTRs are e Commerce (1.66%) and industrial services (1.40%).

Tech companies should find a lot of reach with strong CTRs (0.84%) on the display network, as many apps host display ads with high CTRs for these products and services.

This tool is highly adjustable and you can change colors to best suit your sites color scheme.

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