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Well of course it's going through a collection agency! All I know so far about student loans is that my sister is still paying them, and she's 28.Did they really think I could just shell out ,000 and pay them off instantly!!! I'm pretty sure she'll still be paying them back years from now.What we know is that over the past couple of years the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been applying a lot of pressure on private lenders, basically telling them that they need to start offering repayment options similar to what the federal government offers on its loans.

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and they said they can't do it, because the money owed to my college is going through a collection agency.You don't have to pay extra dollars for fines, high-interest rates and penalties.Just follow the new repayment plan that fits your budget.Debt consolidation is good for those people who are unable to pay off credit card debts, personal loans, payday loans, private student loans and medical bills due to costly financial mistakes.This debt relief option is good for those who want to pay off unpaid debts, manage multiple bills efficiently, pay less on interest rates and save money. This is where the experienced counselors of a debt relief company help you organize an easy and budget-friendly single monthly payment plan.So there’s been a lot of back and forth between the CFPB and private lenders.

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