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Construct standard full-blown DCF analysis, trading & deal comps analysis and summary football field.

Dive real deep into the nuances of valuation by ripping apart footnotes and making subjective inputs while balancing objectivity.

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Learn how to build detailed revenue and segment build-ups into your larger financial model.You can jump back between your map and your compass really fast. And then it sends that signal back to the handheld.What's nice about the touchscreen on Garmin units is that they are glove friendly. Now, the difference with the Alpha is because it is an e-collar you are also going to be sending signals from the handheld to the collar.Detailed Business Segment Build-Up: For instance, for a retailer, calculate Sales / Sq Foot / Type of Store, which captures: (i) number of stores (store count growth); (ii) size of each store (expansion and size creep); (iii) profitability of each sq foot and same store comps sales (Yo Y sales growth) Operating & Division Segment Build-Up: Package Summary We dive deeper into the nuances of valuation by understanding the art (not science) of valuation.Build upon your core financial models by integrating and layering on hands-on valuation analysis.Think of a newspaper headline statement, what would get one’s attention to reach further?

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