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Rich Allen: Companies need to be concerned with the constant onslaught of cyber security attacks from your Mom and Pop tow truck shop all the way to Fortune 50s.

In fact, most of the most talented people in the industry are hackers, that's the bad news, and then the rest of us are trying to defeat them.

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Virtualization of many internal apps was the priority.This constant buying cycle is costly and unmanageable.In addition to direct fixed cost associated with hardware, a large disparate network of file servers also requires substantial software investments.Consolidating these systems will greatly reduce total cost of ownership, reduce shadow IT, as well as potentially increasing employee productivity and storage utilization rates.Much of the cost of ownership with multiple file servers is directly correlated to the hardware and storage aspect. Normally the fileservers were bought at separate times causing them to be replaced at separate times.Steven King: Every business and every organization has files that they need to transfer internally as well as externally.

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