Colleague dating


when Sarah finally hooks up with hot colleague Karl at their graphic design firm’s Christmas party? The likelihood is that if you work with this person on a daily basis, you will have already seen them at their best and worst.

Aside from the unfortunate detail that they were interrupted mid-steamy kiss by a phone call, it seemed pretty perfect (and romantic). From eyes meeting across the office to nervous water cooler conversations, fancying someone you work with is totally normal and can make a dull workday fly. If you still have burgeoning romantic feelings having witnessed them after one too many on Thirsty Thursday, experienced their poor tea-making abilities and coped with their stress levels pre-big meeting, then it’s probably love. Shouldn’t: Pecking order jealousy Beware of accusations of favouritism if you start dating your boss or junior.

The best way to navigate that is with the polite fiction that you’re blind to their presence there.

That allows everyone to preserve their privacy in a realm where they probably want it and keeps real-world awkwardness to a minimum.

As I was swiping last night, I was watching TV and my mind was only half on what I was doing.

As a result, I swiped right someone who is a director at my workplace.

But, on the other hand, this could actually be something special.

Our work colleagues are likely to be the people with whom we spend the majority of our waking hours, which can inevitably lead to close bonds.

Wherever you look, there are pink hearts, red roses, and chocolates galore.

Should: You really know them In a world where Tinder and Happn reign, this is a big plus.

If you ever confide in a friend that you fancy a housemate/colleague/friend, expect them to offer you advice along the lines of ‘don’t poop where you eat’.

I’ve occasionally seen people argue for sending the other person a message within the app, saying something bland like, “Hey, fun to see you on here too” … It puts the other person in a situation where they have to wonder if you’re hitting on them (it’s a dating app, after all) and, even if that doesn’t happen, it’s likely to increase the amount of awkwardness.

A polite blindness to their presence there is the way to go.

Read more: Red roses and thorny issues: The rights of office romance In the unfortunate situation that your relationship breaks down, it may cause friction in the workplace, particularly if the split was acrimonious or one of you feels you’ve been badly treated by the other.

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