Coach cowher dating


Bell has helped make the Steelers championship contenders, but he hasn’t finished any of the last three seasons healthy.When he’s gone down the Steelers’ title hopes have gone down with him.The video — which to some degree has a Game of Thrones and/or goth vibe — is called “Cry Your Eyes Out,” and features Cowher as some kind of medieval bodyguard who also seems to be rocking eye shadow and handcuffs.According to , “Turns out Cowher is dating Queen V, and if you’ve ever been in a relationship, you know how these things go.

Bell’s pay in 2017 will reflect that when he signs his franchise tender. last night when we asked him if the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers coach ever set any rules for dating his daughter Lindsay when they got together back in high school.The two are now engaged to be married -- and Ryan tells TMZ Sports his relationship with the coach is as solid as Bill's chin ... Finding himself rich, single, and over 50, Cowher is naturally behaving like any other man undergoing a belated mid-life crisis.There are two options for guys like that: A) Buy a Mustang or B) Bang the craziest skank you can find. To be fair, his choice isn’t as wild as others in his position.If the Steelers had more of a committee approach at running back, they wouldn’t be so dependent on Bell.

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