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It’s spring time, and many of us big guys are feeling the need to sow some wild oats, recover from that winter hibernation, and find a bear, cub or chaser that can help relieve that pent-up tension.

Last time we offered our chasers a look into a fling with a big man, and now it’s time for six secrets that every chub needs to know before starting their spring fling!

This is written in a pretty heteronormative manner, which I apologize for, but the experiences I’m most familiar with are men trying to chase women here. Mentioning this first because it’s SUPER important, and it’s the first thing guys tend to mess up on.

This is loosely based on my own experiences as well as the experiences and suggestions of many girls I’ve talked to. Look, as much as I’m a body positivity advocate, as much as I call myself fat, as much as I realize that attraction is important and some people are attracted to fat bodies (which is totally cool! As fat girls, we spend a lot of our lives being treated differently–and it’s usually not in a good way. We’re just looking for you to get it and not do more of the same!

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