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Ornament Shop has a wide variety and they personalize them. Karen R." 12/6/2016 - "I have ordered ornaments in the past from this site and they are very good quality. Deborah D." 12/7/2016 - "I love the ornaments that I received! Jenny K." 11/20/2016 - "I've always used Hallmark to send yearly ornaments. Pat L." 9/18/2016 - "I am very happy with the products I ordered and have already referred your web site to a family member. The ornaments I ordered are beautiful - colorful, detailed, perfect!When my grandchildren are old enough to have families of their own they will have a collection of ornaments from their childhood just like my children did. Jeri H." 5/28/2017 - "Your product and service are exceptional. Donna B." 10/4/2016 - "Very happy with ornaments I have purchased. This year was looking for something special and came across Ornament Linda S." 12/28/2016 - "The ornaments were very nicely done!Anton H." 12/7/2016 - "All the ornaments I ordered look very nice!Anonymous Respondent" 12/1/2016 - "This are gifts for my Pantomime Production cast and they are perfect.Because, if they don’t we’ll make sure to correct it, or offer them a full refund.11/25/2016 - "This was an awesome ordering experience - I am older so sometimes I find it difficult to order but this site was easily handled and with ornaments and the messages, that is sometimes very difficult - in face I must not have entered the one ornament and was glad to be reminded to check my order before I made my order firm.....Because, if they don’t we’ll make sure to correct it, or offer them a full refund. Karen T." 9/6/2016 - "I've ordered Christmas ornaments several times from Ornament Shop and each time my items arrive in a timely manner and they are beautiful ornaments. Jeanette P." 7/28/2017 - "I order from the Ornament shop every year for Christmas gifts. We are all human and make mistakes especially under pressure. The craftsmanship and personalization exceeded my expectations, as did the delivery.

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Leslie F." 10/23/2016 - "The ornaments are beautiful. Nancy G." 11/25/2016 - "We like the wide assortment of ornaments and the fact that we were able to personalize each of them.'Indecent in Italy sees our leading couple take in the stunning vistas from the cliffs of Capri, make an amazing find in Naples, and escape with the Italian mafia in this personalized adventure romance novel.In Spanish Sizzle our leading couple are surprised to learn that each are secret agents until they end up working on the same job, to return a stolen blueprint for an unfinished masterpiece in Barcelona.When I tell my friends that I think we are the largest seller of personalized Christmas ornaments on the internet, they ask me “How did you get there? Like I told you on the phone I have been ordering from your company for years and this is the first time with an issue. Theresa S." 11/23/2016 - "Have been ordering for years and love the ornaments and service!!! I have already given out 2 of the ornaments and the recipients were very excited.” Well, I can’t say for sure, but my guess would be that we offer more Christmas ornaments than our competitors and work quite hard to ensure that each customer receives exactly what they ordered. If you have any reservation about quality, stop right now and place your order - you will not be disappointed.Its not just our leading couple whispering sweet nothings to each other in Louisiana Whispers, but an earthbound spirit needing their help to uncover the truth of a mysterious disappearance over 90 years ago.

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