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When a big carp feeds in a shallow pond it looks as if a warthog is running along the bottom.

Sometimes it will stop and truffle around, pushing up 20 or 30 square feet of silt and bubbles.

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Successive courts have ruled his life support should be switched off due to the degenerative nature of his illness.

Dedicating a song to him the DJ said the past four weeks had been "pretty tough".

"So glad to be back here at Radio 2 - if a little wobbly - bear with me today," she said as she opened the show.

Judges have concluded the treatment, which has never been used on people, or even animals, with Charlie's particular illness, would be “futile” because there was so little chance it would work.

The doctor who offered it could not guarantee it would have any effect in reversing Charlie's brain damage.

But the moment it sees a movement on the bank, this embodiment of burly arrogance, a sort of Denis Healey with fins, can disappear in seconds. The myths grew so huge the fishery owners found they could make money by stocking lakes: the technology grew correspondingly.

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