Checklist on values in dating

For a long, long time you’ve probably heard the saying that he “checks off everything on my list.” But did you know that there really is a list women use? Sometimes, we forget about the important things—other than how fantastic his abs are.

I’ve read many books that stress the importance of understanding your personal values, getting clear about what’s most important to you in life.They are passed down through generations and give us the foundation for making choices in life.There has been much talk in recent years that the rise in crime, violence against women and children, drug use and just about every other societal negative is the result of weakening these values.It’s a way for us to keep reality in check when it feels like we’re in a dream. And if he lacks majority of the things I know are important to me, it may be time to rethink the relationship.Although every woman is different and has different things on their checklists, this is a list of qualities that MOST women evaluate prior to deciding if he’s the man for her.[Read: 20 personality traits combinations that create the perfect ideal guy for a girl] #1 Is he physically attractive to me? Either you think he’s cute or you don’t—and if not, he’s already in the rearview mirror.

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