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The entire dating profile photo shoot only takes about 45-60 minutes (depending on the package) and includes one to three outfit changes ("looks"). Click here for a list of packages and prices for our amazing online dating pictures.

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If that sounds like a lot, just ask yourself how much you spent on your last date.

Read on to learn the tricks of the trade - and the biggest mistakes to avoid.

Choose a photo where you're taking up space Research suggests that we're more attracted to people in expansive - as opposed to contracted - postures, even if we don't consciously realise it.

We understand that the easiest way to finding the right partner online is having dating photos that show you in the best light possible.

That's why we've created a network of hundreds of professional photographers across North America.

If you're serious about getting better dates, then you need to give yourself the best chance possible and get the best online dating pictures taken by a professional photographer.

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