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[Ryan claps hand across eyes] Linus Caldwell: I am a traveler in both time and space, to be where I have been. Danny Ocean: Is that your idea of making a contribution? So they pre-arranged with Matsui to start a Zen-type discussion about, basically, nothing.[Blank, yet stern, looks from everyone] Linus Caldwell: [Outside, Ryan and Ocean join Caldwell in the street] Is he alright? At the end, they were to make it look as if Linus' ramblings almost cost them a job, in the hopes that Linus would back away from his desire to be involved with these types of meetings.Hook-up with fat girls who have a big appetite for Sex!If you like fat ass women, belly rolls, big tits and fat women who want sex then our plus size dating site is for you.Such derogatory words for women are often used this way, either as a genuine pejorative ( This usage has nothing to do with hoarding.An "attention whore" is someone who will do anything to get attention.Green cut through, that's something mad Leave all the opps dem red Crashers step Green cut through, that's something mad Leave all the opps dem red Crashers step, step, step [Verse 2 - AM] Finesse that pack like alla dat ounta Like bro got my fingers tender Sometimes yellow and green like Dunga Man do trips like Fry and Bender Slow down man I ain't no spender Gunners on my team so I come like Wenger Catties on my line tryna' say I'm penger I don't buy that, what's your agenda?Pagans chat like the opposite gender Tear man's chest, see the blood there drip Du-du-du bow, hella corn there enter Coulda come back but they ain't on piss See one yute from the back of the car I was in ends tryna' rob that prick I was like "Lights, have you got that gun?

] cat for them Sh-Could'da shit, that's mense Chocolate darling, she looks like a zombie How could she be so dead?

However, what I don't get is how Linus, who is supposedly a master thief and very smart, didn't pick up on this immediately.

Why would he even try to quote poetry if he realized the conversation had no apparent meaning?

Russell's avowed purpose with Whore was to avoid the glamorous depiction of prostitution common to such slick Hollywood products as Pretty Woman.

As played by Theresa Russell (no relation to Ken), the eponymous character lives a hellish existence.

Somebody who will spend an absurd amount of time to achieve certain predefined, extra tasks in a game in order to get an "achievement" attached to their account.

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