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This area contains the majority of Egypt's offshore hydrocarbon reserves.

Weeks after Donald Trump welcomed him to the White House and praised his good work, Egypt's Abdul Fattah al-Sisi quietly gave himself new powers that judges and rights groups say threaten whatever Egyptian court independence remains.

They're wearing culturally significant dress and they represent the first women doctors from their countries, back in the 1800s.

American-Egyptian Aya Hijazi and her husband have been in Egyptian prison for almost 1,000 days.

Egyptian officials have denounced the attacks and Pope Francis sent his "deep condolences." Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi met his counterpart and admirer Donald Trump in Washington Monday for a "reboot" of relations following years of tension with the American president's predecessor.

Ridley Scott's newest movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings, hit theaters this weekend — with a smaller than expected box office draw.

“I can’t tell you I recall any kind of special attention in the intelligence summaries with regard to Sisi,” Leon Panetta, who became the U. Secretary of Defense during the year of Tahrir, and who previously directed the Central Intelligence Agency, told me.

Located in the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt lies at the heart of the Arab World.

“You have the political people who always want to be the loudest voice in the room,” she said. ”Revolutions are often started by the bold and the outspoken, and then coöpted by those who are quiet and careful.

“And then there are people who are creatures of the system, who are just as capable but not necessarily the loudest.” She said of Sisi, “I also think the quiet, reserved posture is a forcing function to make people lean in and really think about what he’s saying. A price is paid for early prominence; in many cases, the winners are the ones who wait.

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Rights groups are concerned the US government will stop pressuring Egypt on the case after Donald Trump takes office.

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