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I wasn’t sure, however, if he meant that people on bicycles had crashed right now, at this very moment, or if he had simply seem a group of bicyclists crash on this road at some distance point in the past.

It is very slippery.” I waved at the man and thanked him for the warning.

Short drives in much of the Balkans run on a different time scale than the rest of the world.

If you trade out the word short for ‘kinda long, bumpy and totally lost’ then you get a better picture.

Six hours later as we turned the bend and the white houses of Berat, with their gaping windows came into view I knew it was worth every second.

A dark, gray haired man in the driver’s seat rolled down his window and barked something at me in Serbian. ” Both men smiled and the woman waved me on, saying “Yes, we’re fine.

The boys were trying to go as fast as the cars and slipped in the water.

We are okay.” I looked at the young man the woman was tending to and assumed it was her boyfriend.

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After leaving my apartment in Tivat, Montenegro on the 24th of June, I cycled for two days down the country’s mountainous coast before cutting inland, passing through dozens of dark tunnels and flat country back roads. Cycling on, I quickly discovered what the old man had meant.

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