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After configuring the script, you can update using telnet to the box and execute the command “sh /usr/script/” or “sh /var/script/” Alternatively you can set a to execute the script at a given time (ie: everyday at AM) which really make the process completely automatic.

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The default START and STOP command use the script “/usr/script/oscam.emu” which is the one present at the box where I developed the script.

I have SMARTCARD CLOCK FREQUENCY : /dev/sci0 3570000 DISABLE EMM : no EXTRA EMM LEVEL : yes EMM THREADS : 1 But what I see from the web interface is: card reader /dev/sci0 handled 3(0) ecms and 0(0) emms Viaccess card Caid 500 Cardserial c41f30 ident fff430 - c41f30 ident 50800 - c41f30 ident 50810 - c41f30 ident 50820 - c41f30 ident 50830 - c41f30 ident 50840 - c41f30 valid from 5-3-2014 untill 4-4-2014 valid from 4-3-2014 untill 17-4-2014 Any help? No but you will only need to run Scam 3.59 for about 20 mins your card is then updated . posting your card serial on open forum is dangerous your config looks okay apart from that but just run Scam3.59 by itself its a sure way to get it updated and running fine .when in use of a cam and card on same providers as gift,, to avoid conflicts turn gift off.. Connect the decoder to your TV and satellite plant; 2. rar file you just downloaded a program with eg winrar; 5. : So if you find this site helpful, got money to spare and would like to help out you are welcome to donate. We update jack fruit week , maps and new signals ours motorized dish satellite. We have more than 100 cards and more than 450 clients in 5 years.Usually they are present in /usr/script or /var/script.

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