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He found a destruction layer corresponding to the termination of City IV, and dated it to ca. However, in the 1950's, Kathleen Kenyon conducted further excavations at Jericho and concluded that the destruction of Garstang's City IV should be dated ca.

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Bienkowski's attempt to explain away the evidence for lowering the date of the destruction of Jericho is misguided and void of substance. Bruins and Johannes van der Plicht from high-precision radiocarbon measurements made on eighteen samples from Jericho. For example, even if Wood's chronology of Jericho were viable, the complete absence of fortified habitation at et-Tell (identified by almost all scholars with the biblical Ai) for 1000 years prior to the traditional biblical chronology date for its destruction by Joshua is still left to be explained. destruction at Jericho, shown in the charts above, which must be credited to Joshua. Aardsma's solution, see What is the missing millennium discovery?

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The scientists appeared at a climate summit sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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