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[email protected] Joanne Walmsley SACRED SCRIBES -My hubby Tony started his own business after he retired, buying, renovating, refurbishing and selling caravans and camper trailers.

His specialty was old retro vans and people sought him out for his expertise and attention to detail.

But thanks to design improvements it has now been transformed into an almost fashionable way to explore the nation’s green spaces.

Watching the brash Butlins Redcoats, epitomised by Eighties BBC sitcom Hi-de-Hi!

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“We don’t even call them caravan parks here any more.Activities such as archery are also organised for children.“Most of our customers are looking for a second home.Currently a 3 berth, but a bunk or bed extension could easily be added to make a 4 berth, or even both to make a 5 berth. Lightweight (749kg mgw) so easy to move around by hand or tow with a smaller/ classic car.Excellent tyres, corner steadies all working and handle included. Also no driving license issues for post 97 drivers.The CRi S caravan registration document is proof that you are the registered keeper and are therefore entitled to use the caravan.

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