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Here at Camp Cambodia, you have the opportunity to explore the magnificent Angkor Wat.Don't let unfamiliar recipe names put you off -- Tom Yam Goong Nam Khon is a divine hot and sour prawn soup, Ngah Poh Kai Fan a slow-cooked clay-pot chicken and Karipap the Malay answer to a Cornish pastie.And there are recipes that even wary cooks will recognise -- Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Red and Green Curries -- though look closer and each recipe has something extra, an authenticity that comes from taking the time to understand the origins of the dish.With breathtaking landscapes as his backdrop, Gordon is welcomed into local communities and shown the age-old traditions and secrets that underpin their native dishes.He meets characters with fascinating lives, shares delicious meals in beautiful surroundings, and is invited to take part in the customs and rituals of the land -- venturing into paddy fields to observe the rice worship, accompanying huntsmen on their quest for frogs and honey, navigating the inky night-time ocean for moonlit fishing, and cooking up a feast in a colossal Malay temple. Camp Cambodia specialises in providing the summer of a lifetime, whilst making a huge difference to the local children and elephants of Cambodia.

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