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According to one legend, Ashoka fought and killed 99 of his brothers in order to inherit the Mauryan throne.

Only his younger brother, Vitashoka, is said to have been spared.

This is followed by the trunk of a cone with three platforms. This is evident in the fact that Chinese coins and ceramics have been found at the site, indicating that it pilgrims from as far away as China once visited this sacred site.

This 60,000m³ monument is 34.5m high and has a square base of 123m x 123m. The base of this temple consists of a pyramid formed by five concentric square terraces. Their presence in Java helped establish the island as a centre of Buddhist scholarship and worship.I’d like to address both questions in one article, because they tend to roll into one another in conversations. To define a secular Buddhist is not easy, and anything we come up with that may fit one person is not going to apply to many others.One thing we can say with accuracy is that secular Buddhists are a diverse bunch.However, we do have some commonalities, but again, these are not going to apply to all secular Buddhists: What do they believe? I could go on, but I’m hoping you’ll see that defining secular Buddhists is difficult and perhaps unnecessary.The one thing we do share is an interest in Buddhism, the practice, and we want to suffer less or not at all.The Mauryan Empire is estimated to be the largest empire (in terms of land area) in the history of the Indian subcontinent.

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