Brad pitt is dating Sex dating job


He's not wining and dining fellow A-listers at paparazzi-magnet hot spots, or otherwise going on splashy outings.

Rumors have been swirling that Brad Pitt has been linked to Sienna Miller and model Elle Macpherson, but none of the reports are true.

Eight months after finding himself single again for the first time in almost 20 years, Brad Pitt is taking his time before wading back into the dating pool.

The actor and father of six is understandably exercising caution, having just reached a tentative resolution in his temporarily acrimonious divorce proceedings.

He was seen with a salt-and-pepper beard and he took a sip from his Starbucks coffee while greeting someone outside.

20 pictures inside of Brad Pitt outside of his art studio…

on Saturday morning in the festival’s exclusive Rabbit Hole area before retiring to their VIP Winnebago.” When we asked Miller about the romance in April, she told us, “I’m not going to even dignify it with a response.

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