Bow wow and lauren london dating


"I've done it all, but being on the road, the groupies, you get burnt out." Erica first revealed they were engaged last September.

The reality star and her beau plan to tie the knot in June.

Keyshia decided to damage Bow Wow’s friends’ cars because, reportedly Bow Wow got her pregnant and dumped her.

But we've got all the red carpet fabulousness to dive into tonight.

CASSIE & RYAN LESLIE While Cassie appears not much more than a statue and Ryan Leslie seems kinda like a douche in ways, we just feel sorta bad how sir-ever-changing-names-new-identity-every-other-week Sean Combs did the boy Ryan by stealing his girl. Got him sitting at home ripping off his shirt for himself. While the reasons they broke up are still mostly urban legend, people say Prince was clearly shook and never quite the same after. After crushing on her for years, Usher plotted hard on Chilli and got her as the female lead in the “U Remind Me” video. Though they broke up a decade ago, in 2013 Chilli fessed up to Usher being her ‘first real love’ and said ‘she’ll always love him’. There’s something to say for the person that rode with you early on.

Witnessed by the world, these pairs entered our mushy little hearts, too. We don’t know why, but what we do know is who need to get their lives together and get back together. They appear to maintain a fun, comfortable friendship while co-parenting their son, even to this day. Later that year, we had Three Stacks rapping about trying again with Badu on T. He did say in a popularly awkward interview with Ciara last year that his mama still considers Ciara a daughter. Yeah, y’all got arrested and what not, but can we look past that?The cast for Think Like A Man also walked away with an award by the end of the night.Meagan Good said TO HELL with covering up with the usher board's prayer cloth during the gospel segment.Bizarrely, Justin and Artis are actually quite close friends now and in 2014 stated their desire to launch a You Tube channel together.However, they have been pretty vocal John had met Kelsey 'Beelzebub' in a psychology chat room, had only heard her voice once and had never video chatted. Two others from the same chat room, named Ellie and Adam, were in a similar relationship, and had also never met.Check out our massive red carpet fashion round up inside of YBF rocking their fave designers at the Nokia Theater.....

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