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We also help people that want to convert to Islam, by helping them take the shahada, sending them free Quran and books also teaching them how to take the first steps of practing Islam in the correct manner.

So try it out, any question you have about Islam, the Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we are more than happy to answer. Investigating truth is better than living in doubt. The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race, nationality or ethnic background.

Hawkmoth's Akuma have been acting strange lately--every single one has been an obsessive Lady Noir shipper, much to Chat's horrific embarrassment.

Ladybug hasn't noticed, but Chat can't quite get over the fact that Hawkmoth seems to have redirected his supervillain antics to setting him up with the girl of his dreams.

The concept of localised grooming, in which gangs groom neighbourhood victims, was defined in 2010 by the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

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And when Team Miraculous's greatest accomplishment transforms into Adrien's greatest tragedy, the hatred that follows him as an Agreste and the guilt that weighs him down as Chat Noir gets to him, Adrien discovers another way for freedom at mind. You can check out Miraculous Fluff Month's blog for what prompt is on that day, and also please follow them. I know I didn't ask them for permission to use this idea, and I do feel bad that I don't have the confidence to ask, but hey- I hope I can make someone happy with this. What happens when some polymorphic, sentient space rocks travel to a dimension with little gods and magic jewelry? Platonic and Non-Platonic drabbles as prompted on my Tumblr, mostly involving the Love Square in its varied forms.Chat Noir defeated Hawk Moth, and now Adrien must live with the consequences.(AU in which Hawk Moth and Gabriel Agreste are one and the same. He was Korean, like them and he had a really pretty smile. Jungkook: I like it rough Don’t you think that’s even fun, hyung? Tragically, Youngjae knows that his idiotic friends are either: a) Oblivious to their feelings for each otherb) Flirting shamelessly all the timec) Grossly in love Youngjae needs new friends.---got7 chat fic heavily inspired by my idiot friends unknowndon't judge mebut shit happened and somebody diedand i might need help hiding the bodykim n.wrong number WRONG NUMBERWRONGEST NUMBER OF ALL THE WRONG NUMBERS or in which namjoon is an urban wizard trying to not be caught in the fame of his eldest brother and his boyfriend and jimin is a vampire prince trying to save his younger brothers' asses from eternal damnation.Welcome to Chat Islam Online, where we have a team of Muslims who are more than happy to answer any question you have about Islam.

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