Boarding school sex

This story has been nominated for the 2003 Golden Clitorides Award for Best Serial Story.

Prep schoolboys Jacobey London and Drake Isaac waste no time getting settled in to their new digs at the academy.

It's triple schoolboy trouble when Luke Allen, Kyle Ross and Drake Isaac are sent to the headmaster's office for some disciplinary action.

One by one the twink pupils explain to each other what got them in their dilemma.

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Herman, of New Jersey, applauded the school’s headmaster. “It had been publically reported that there was an investigation going on, so it wasn’t a total surprise,” he said.

The trouble makers clear the headmaster's desk making room for the foreplay that leads to the hot action of Drake taking the dominate top role, fucking both Kyle and Luke until their holes can't take anymore.

(CBSNew York) — The prestigious Wallingford, Connecticut boarding school Choate Rosemary Hall has admitted to decades of sexual abuse within its halls.

Among the allegations that surfaced was the practice of the St.

Paul's "senior salute," in which graduating students sought out underclassmen for sex.

Luke explains, "I was caught in the bathroom doing stuff with another student." The sexual antics of Kyle Ross have him inquiring about the bathroom encounter that Luke had with another student, to which Luke replies, "Well I can show you better than I can tell you." Drake promptly joins in the fun and sets the stage for the smooth Luke to be in the middle of all this schoolboy action.

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