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Banks also suggests that while statistically black women are least likely to marry into other races, their loyalty to black men is ‘noble’ yet counterproductive and they should look to white, Latino or Asian men as potential partners.

In an interview with Nightline, Banks claimed sixty years ago black marriages and families were ‘as stable as white families’ and that the decline comes as ‘black women have moved ahead, black men have fallen behind’.

As I've grown up though, I've seen a lot of hypocrisy in some of these nationalist circles especially on the fringes.

There was this group called the NSM (The National Socialist Movement) which operated about an hour and a half a way from me.

Regina recently spoke on the touchy issue of black women and their dating choices and she delivered some home truths.

According to the actress, They look at a specific race only and say; “I want me a brother” or say it wont work when the actual reason is that they dont like to explore.

More so now than ever, it has become more common to see a Black man with a white woman (or non-African American) on his arm.

In hindsight, I found it ludicrous that the media was giving so much attention to such an obscure group that was by all means politically impotent.Furthermore, their leader Jeff Schoep made headlines in the SPLC for dating a Syrian woman with a mixed race daughter while another member also was said to have had relations with a native american woman.The name Regina King rings a bell for a lot of reasons but for me, it’s primarily for her role in Boondocks where she voices Huey and Riley Freeman. I think in New York, you find more Black women that date outside of their race. To piggy back off of that point, many of us men especially - in the African American community are slowly becoming more and more apathetic to concepts of relationships and marriage, let alone entertaining courtships with someone with the same color skin.Percentages of Black men and women dating outside their races have increased significantly over the last decade.Unlike black women who struggle against the current of the apparent man shortage, searching for eligible candidates is not an arduous task for black men, and never has been.

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