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If you think Salon has published something in error, please email [email protected] 17 article, “Trump supporters set to march alongside Juggalos in D. In fact, the anti-war Copperheads joined Confederate sympathizers in clashing with Union militias, drawing the first blood of the Civil War. A June 17 article “The 10 best father (mostly bad) and son films,” incorrectly identified the actor in “I Never Sang for My Father” portraying Tom Garrison as Jim Broadbent. 5 story “Cam Newton is becoming the face of the NFL” originally stated that Russell Wilson of the Seahawks was the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. C.,” incorrectly identified two groups associated with MOAR as also being involved in the white-supremacist movement. The story has been updated to reflect the correct actor’s name: Melvyn Douglas. —————- A June 7 partner piece from Alternet, “Why Gal Gadot Is a Real-Life Wonder Woman,” initially incorrectly indicated that the heroine of “Wonder Woman” vanquishes many Nazis. The paraphrase that was mistakenly attributed to Mc Innes has been deleted. —————- The subhead of a May 9 story “Trump’s social media director threatens to release Hillary Clinton’s election night concession call” incorrectly said the social media director for President Donald Trump’s administration wants to make public a voicemail from Hillary Clinton conceding the presidential election to Trump. An April 27 story “Scott Walker stands by David Clarke, even after 4 inmates died in Milwaukee jails in 6 months” incorrectly attributed a statement to a spokeswoman for Gov. Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi's 'The Bachelor' engagement break-up: What reportedly went wrong??

When we correct significant errors of fact or substance, we will note the correction here and also on the page containing the corrected version of the original article. 15 article, “Baltimore votes to get rid of its four Confederate statues,” reported that Copperhead Democrats opposed secession and clashed with Confederate sympathizers. Danny Glover and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tackle a fading institution” incorrectly stated that Jennifer Jason Leigh was the only Jewish actor nominated for an Oscar in the last two years. (July 26, 2017) (Sign up for our free video newsletter here Angelina Jolie is adjusting to the domestic growing pains of life as a single mom — making a proper breakfast, keeping house and picking up dog poop.(July 26, 2017) (Sign up for our free video newsletter here Angelina Jolie is opening up about her life after filing for divorce from Brad Pitt last year.That inaccurate paraphrase has been replaced with a direct quotation from Mc Innes’ Twitter feed of Dec. Salon also incorrectly reported that Mc Innes had said Neil de Grasse Tyson could not really be an astrophysicist. 5 story “The Oscars might not be #So White in 2017: These buzz-worthy performances could be game-changers” contained errors in Oscar nomination counts for black actresses. ——————– The March 18 story “Don’t rewrite LGBT history: If we erase the truths of our past struggles, we’re doomed to repeat them” originally stated that Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the U. Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. ” misidentified the Raspberries’ producer Jimmy Ienner as Jimmy Iovine. A similar comment about Tyson was stated by another participant in a Fox News discussion that included Mc Innes. 24 story “No, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t playing ‘Mulan’ — but that rumor won’t die for good reason” mistakenly attributed a film role by Mickey Rooney to Andy Rooney. Whenever I click "challange the instructor" it automatically goes to evana saying somethinglike "dont be a sore loser, you`ll get another Chance tomorrow", can anyone help? maybe this is the game that it`s telling you how can receive the actual sex life of yours. I have played this to 2 endings but when I want to repeat them Say "Visit the Inn" Evana says "we were here, lets do something else" or we have to go back to castle. This is one of the best choose your own adventure style games I`ve played; many different endings each one very satisfying. That said however these graphics are taken from the game Oblivion; it will be an understatement to say that Bethseda Studios won`t be happy should they ever come across this!

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