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It is against the law to discriminate against anyone in the workplace because of their sex.Employees are protected from discrimination at all stages of employment including recruitment, workplace terms and conditions and dismissal. Direct sex discrimination is when an employee is treating unfavourably because of their sex.Indirect sex discrimination can occur if employers or managers hold assumptions about what sort of work women and men are capable, or not capable, of doing.Sex discrimination could include: Barbara applies for a job as a bus driver.Women who have an active sexual life are constantly under the fear of getting pregnant.But, the best part is that nature gives you a calculator which gives you a safe period to enjoy your sex life.It’s great to have that adorable, sugary type of romance in your life — I mean who doesn’t love some heartfelt, sweep you off your feet kind of action?

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The kind that completely blows your mind and makes for an unforgettable night. It’s easy, uninhibited, and it’s ONLY the two of you. Below are some fun and passionate quotes about sex that’ll be sure to get your point across and tempt your partner.

The kind you just might want to cuddle up to on a cold — or VERY hot — long night.

Gender statistics rely on these sex-disaggregated data and reflect the realities of the lives of women and men and policy issues relating to gender.

Data collected and tabulated separately for women and men.

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