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Streamberry is a completely free cam to cam chat site.

Take a look at our live cams, join in on our chat rooms or even go from cam to cam on our chat roulette feature.

If either party don’t like what they see or hear they can click a button and go on to the next random person.

It proved popular and hundreds of thousands of people started visiting the site every day.

The idea was simple: allow anyone with a webcam to chat with another individual at random.

More and more men were removing their clothes before loading up the site, and while at first that formed free publicity that attracted users to see what the fuss was about, eventually other users just didn’t appreciate it.

It is thought that around 60% of the traffic Chatroulette saw at the height of its popularity has now gone, while the naked men have remained.

You start off with no luck at all and then a girl happens to talk with you for a short while before leaving once again. Here are the top 10 tips to help you get chicks on Chatrandom.

1) Don’t be Naked So many men on Chatrandom make the mistake of first appearing naked on their cam.

We tried to find webcam chat sites with as many similar features as Chatrandom.

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