Ben moody and amy lee dating


We had such opposing desires and personalities that mixed with the pride of youth and inexperience (and an extreme amount of insecurity and loss of direction on my part) led to an all out war.

She and I were inseparable and she was my many times do i have to tell you to leave us all the hell alone!!!????!!!

Amy Lee has been in a few relationships in her life.

She dated American singer-songwriter Ben Moody from 2000 to 2003.

By the time we went on tour to support [2003’s] Fallen, it sadly was over.

She has a brother named Robby Lee and two sisters named Carrie Lee and Lori Lee.In 2003 Amy rose to fame with the band Evanescence. (2011) I have no clue as to who thought that Amy lee from the band evanescence does not cuss, that is indeed incorrect, if you ever watched there tour video's or behind the scence, there have been times Lee has cuss, she has even cuss in the relationship between ben moody her ex-hubby when they had fights and arguements.In October of 2003, tensions between Ben Moody and Amy Lee, the founding members of blockbuster goth-metal band Evanescence, reached their limit, causing Moody to exit the band during their European tour.“I’m going to tell you exactly what happened.” On Lee and his departure from Evanescence:“A cruel fact of life is that the person you are at 15, doesn’t resemble the person you are at 18 and 21…and today I in no way resemble the person I was when I was in Evanescence.Moody left the band citing creative differences on October 22, 2003.

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