Being desperate dating

To use the grocery shopping analogy, you wouldn’t buy carrots and try to force them to be peas.

The thing about desperation, no matter how unavoidable it is sometimes, is that it stinks and repels the very people you want to attract like nothing else. Why not join a new club, get that job you always wanted or take up a new sport instead? DON’T stalk your love interests and exes on facebook. There’s everything you always wanted to know about so-and-so all laid out and waiting for you.

If you regularly score points at work, consider spending an extra hour or two at the office each day.

You could take a work-related class or do some career-related networking.

They need to know "where things are going" after a few dates. They talk nonstop about men, love, relationships and rarely, if ever, take a break from the dating scene.

When you call to talk about your love life, they overflow with their disappointments and anger about why life has dealt them the relationship cards they're holding.

So how do you draw the line between acting flirty and outright desperate?

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