Battlefield 2 global score not updating


What I have tried -Firewall and offf as well as spyware ect-uninstalled and reinstalled origin in programs files and programs files(86) and in C/games same issues not matter where it installs-I have even recently gotten a new hard drive and reinstalled origin through that, same issues-I have tried a complete reinstall of origin by removing it entirely from the computer (the cach and the registry and any other files)-Uninstalled Battlefield 4 to tried to reinstall that since uninstalling a Origin I have a whole new set of issues in which when clicking to turn origin on it simply never appears on screen, while in task manager it shows that its running the background.

CHANGE of VIDEO SPECS - Ge Force FX 5900 family: Ge Force FX 5900 Ultra Ge Force FX 5900 Ge Force FX 5900XT Ge Force FX 5950 Ultra Ge Force FX 5900ZT Ge Force PCX 5900 - For these cards, the default video settings have been changed to LOW. Any Assault or Anti-Tank kit can pick up any grappling hook, even those from other teams, as long as you do not already have one in your kit at the time.Should we just give the page a cleanup or just delete it? : D , July 5, 2010 (UTC) No use in deleting it, but it realy needs a huge revamp.This is problematic, because there are so many sources of score...I’ve been hunting and pecking for nuggets of info for Battlefield 2 and haven’t found a single source that has everything.So I thought I’d create a quick little repository of all the info I’ve found thus far.UPDATE TO GRAPPLING HOOK AND ZIP LINE DESCRIPTION GRAPPLING HOOK - The GRAPPLING HOOK is part of the Assault and Anti-tank kits. ZIP LINE - The ZIP LINE is part of the Special Forces and Sniper kits. Any Spec-Ops or Sniper kit can pick up any zip line, even those from the other team, as long as you do not already have one in your kit at the time.

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