Backdating sylabus

In September last year, the BSB proposed three options for new training methods.The proposed routes include a ‘managed pathways’ approach, in which courses are more flexible and fit with the requirements of students, a ‘bar-specific’ approach, which would mean students would have to take a specialist exam, or sticking with the current system.

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(If you're really desperate to get a head start, the complete syllabus from spring 2017, with links to the un-consolidated materials, is still available at Look over the general course information.All this is taking longer than I expected, so unfortunately as of today this syllabus goes only through the end of September.I'll be continuing the consolidation as the semester progresses and will update this syllabus accordingly.It also dismisses the need for a central exam along the lines of the solicitors qualifying examination.Responding to the consultation today, the barristers' representative body says the proposals as they stand will confuse students and chambers, increase the regulatory burden and have an adverse impact on equality and diversity. Can I obtain the RAIC Professional Diploma in Architecture, the Athabasca University Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree and the Post-baccalaureate Diploma in Architecture at the same time? Can I get through faster by taking three or four courses per term?

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